WHO WE ARE: Professionals who promptly translate what they say into practice

BIONOVAR SRL has always worked metal, developing experiences and skills in various manufacturing sectors. Our team includes engineers, technicians, architects, carpenters, welders and fitters who collaborate in an integrated way, always providing the optimal solution to every request. This endowment of knowledge and integrated manual skills, R&D MD3, allows BIONOVAR SRL to collaborate with companies that operate at the top of their respective markets in the world. It begins its activity with the construction of customized machines, machining of mechanical parts and restoration of existing devices. Over the years, the operational structure has constantly developed up to its current size, gaining significant experience in the field of construction and marketing of machines on its own project and systems with the “turnkey” formula with the inclusion of machinery from other ours. selected partners.

MISSION: Corporate strategy of BIONOVAR SRL., Is based on the desire to continue to offer its customers professional and customized assistance services for the needs of individual companies, made by a team of expert people always aimed at maximum safety, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

QUALITY: In recent years, BIONOVAR SRL has started a long process of consolidation on the metalworking construction market, in order to offer companies services that are always in line with the needs of demand, with solutions that combine efficiency and quality.

Quality has a preponderant weight in the company, and characterizes it from design to production, from operational management to customer services: the processes are followed from start to finish by our expert staff, the products are manufactured according to the regulations and established timelines, and excellent relationships with customers, partners, and staff are of fundamental importance.

Quality control and effectiveness are achieved through the implementation of project quality plans, aimed at ensuring compliance with contractual specifications; these are managed with precision by specialized personnel, such as Project Quality Manager, Technical Inspector, and Quality Control Specialist. The professionalism and high qualification of its employees places it among the best companies in the sector, projected towards the acquisition and construction of industrial plants of national and international importance, with a high technological content.

SUSTAINABILITY: Working in a sustainable way means using the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat distinguish us today and that have led us over time to grow our company, to open new working fronts, to forge new and always different relationships, to collaborate with companies at the top of the world in the sector, their service knowledge and skills able to best meet their needs. To be able to achieve all this, we constantly strive to balance the fundamental factors that we believe make up sustainability: Strategic and profitable economic choices that allow us to grow our company and create new jobs;

  • High standards of efficiency and quality in line with our way of operating and responding optimally to the requests of our customers;
  • Safeguarding the safety, health and satisfaction of our staff, aware that a large company, to call itself such, must be constantly attentive to the well-being of its staff and the risks it incurs every day;
  • Responsible management of production processes, aimed at respecting the environment. We believe that working in a sustainable way allows us to create added value by constantly investing in what we do, and to leave to the generations that will come after us an environmental, ethical and social heritage capable of generating new wealth and development also in the future.